Art "Warm-Up" Exercises: 

Try this when you are waiting in a restaurant or doctor's office.  We call it the "5 & 3."  It's a great way to make 5 or 3 minutes together feel special & creative! 

5 Squares & 3 Circles

This project will get you thinking creatively, whatever your age.
It is also immensely portable. Here are the basic games and variations:
1. Draw five squares. Try to find five different patterns or designs to decorate them.
2. Variation: find five different things to transform the squares "into"
      (ex. A slice of bread, or add a roof & perch to make a birdhouse)
3. Draw three circles and try the above exercises to decorate and transform them.
4. Cut out five squares and three circles and find out what you can "build" by arranging them.
5. Try any of the above with different shapes: triangles, rectangles, ovals, trapezoids!
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