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Add-Art: Trace A Butterfly

Materials: Thin paper, like tracing paper or white paper you use for your regular computer printing. Crayon or washable marker. Print-out of this drawing or other designs made with your darkest printer setting. (Optional: masking tape, paint, glue and glitter.)

Set-up: Lay your light paper over this drawing. If the drawing does not show through clearly, go over it with a dark marker. You may use four small pieces of masking tape to hold the sides of the tracing paper down securely.

Tracing: Help your child learn to trace by allowing your child to rest his hand on yours as you trace the butterfly. Tracing shows your child one way to achieve "realistic" results.

Add-Art Ideas: Decorate your traced butterfly with markers, crayons or paint. Cut out small circles in many colors to glue on as scales, or add glitter. Cut out the butterfly and create a cheerful flower for the butterfly to enjoy!

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