More Millennium Mittens    Goal:  2001

Winter & festive holidays are coming!

It sure gets cold in the winter.  
Wouldn't it be nice if all children had a wonderful pair of cheerful & warm mittens?  

Join us in a creative community service project that is great for children.  Kids always need spare mittens whether they have lost them, forgotten them or can't afford them.

1.  Make a cool (but warm) pair of mittens with and for your favorite children (grown-ups too).   Use our very easy pattern, or you can purchase a pair of plain mittens.  Decorate them specially to commemorate the year 2001 -- try scrap ribbons, old buttons, and yarn!  Now you've got the first part of the Millennium Mittens project done.

2. Donate a pair of your best homemade mittens or a sturdy store-bought pair to your local elementary school.  Any child who shows up to school without mittens will be grateful for the spare pair!  Or, donate them to a neighborhood shelter or soup kitchen.

3.  Share your ideas & inspirations with us!  

4. If you want to save this idea, take out your calendar and write "make mittens to share" on October 1st.  That gives you an easy way to remember when it gets cold again!

Together we can reach the goal of making 2001 pair of warm & wonderful millennium mittens available for children this winter!



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