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Make a great four-leaf clover book from one sheet of paper.  We love it for garden notes, for good wishes & for March 17th!  The clover leaf is similar to a heart shape, but you must cut away more of the diagonals and make a gentler dip in the top of the leaf.  Add a stem too!  Be patient on steps 3 & 4.  By your second book, it will be easier to divide the paper into three parts.  Try more books!  


1.  Hold 8 1/2 x 11" paper vertically.


2. Fold paper in half (top to bottom).

3. Begin to fold paper in even thirds, creating diagonal edges.
4. Complete folding paper in 3 equal parts. You have two diagonal edges to form the bottom of the leaf. 5. Sketch lines to make the largest leaf possible. Trim away upper right and upper left corners.  6. Unfold so you can see six leaves . . .
    7. Carefully cut away 2 leaf shapes so you have a four leaf clover (not 6)!  Add a stem (you can bend it behind the closed book).  

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