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Looking for something fun to try?  
See what's flying in our butterflyschool today!

But first, here are more books that everyone can make from one sheet of paper.  
Once you try these, we are sure you will want to improvise & make your own shapes!
These are great to cut ahead & take along as art entertainment while-you-wait.

make a kite book!  
make a four-leaf clover book!

make a heart book

Sketch-book, poetry holder & story-space . . .  this pocket-sized book is easy to make from one sheet of paper  We love this one because we can make it anywhere, from any rectangular sheet!
Take a blank paper along everywhere, or make one by recycling almost any paper you find!  (Great from maps & more!)
(special thanks to Gail Irwin, the first person to introduce me to this particular version)

Note on the folded shape books:  We've always loved the classic folded book -- made by folding a long rectangle into smaller rectangular "pages."  In Linda Fry Kenzle's book, Pages:  Innovative Bookmaking Techniques,  she suggests making a triangle folded book from a hexagon.  After reading this, Jess thought, "hmmmm, I wonder what else we could create starting from a wheel of shapes...."  We hope you enjoy our own fun versions of the classic folded book . . .   (Publisher information:  Krause Publications, Iola, WI, 1997, $19.95)

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