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When someone makes a wish come true . . . it deserves a special thank you!

Talk with your child about a person who helped make a wish come true.   It could be something big or small.   Then, get ready to make a simple or fancy thank you card.   Some ideas: a person who came to play when your child hoped she would; a gift of a toy your child wished for; a phone call from a special grandparent your child was wishing would call.


Say thank you with a beautiful book!

Everyone enjoys receiving a thoughtful thank you note.  The time you take to say thank you reflects your appreciation.  When someone has done something very special for you, try a creative (but simple) project.  It's a simple folded book from one sheet of paper!

Try any of our simple folded books to make a special thank you card into something surprising!  

Add some poetry, or write your own words to express your appreciation for a special friend.  

Everyone enjoys receiving a unique thank you.  The time you take to say thank you reflects your appreciation.

Getting started . . .

Most of us want to send thank you notes -- we intend to send thank you notes.  But, too often, we wind up with a nice set of stationary, some neatly addressed envelopes, and a lot of guilt when we find the cards blank a few weeks later.   

Keeping the project simple, sharing it with your favorite children, and really focusing on the thoughtfulness that someone else took the time to send our way, can help us get our thank you letters out into the mail & on their way.

bullet Talk together about a person that you and your child find especially wonderful. Discuss the things this person does that make you & your child feel good. Then get ready to write a thank you!

bulletPost a list of gifts & the people who sent them in a place where your child can see it.  Try to keep the cards so you can read them to your child when you are ready to write a thank you note.  When you send a thank you note check the item off the list with a bright color crayon or marker (or add a sticker).

Basic card tips:

bulletFold any piece of paper in half.
bulletDecorate with crayons, markers, stamps and stickers.
bulletIf your child can write, write the words "thank you" and the recipient's name on a scrap paper so it is easy for your child to copy the words onto his card. A child's handwriting makes the card extra appreciated.



Take one thank you at a time.  One a day -- or one at a sitting -- is enough.  Add one at the end of each Butterfly School session.  You might include a drawing in each card.

Tips for making a basic thank you card something extra special.

bulletStart with colorful paper.
bulletGlue on: photographs, images cut from old catalogs or magazines, feathers & flowers.
bulletBefore you decorate, try cutting the whole card into a different shape: triangles, circles, ovals & more.
bulletCut out four thin strips of paper, glue one to each edge of the rectangular card front. Now you have a frame for your illustration.


bulletPre-address the envelopes for younger children so they can help fold their letter, put it in the envelope and seal it right away.  (But, read the address out loud!)

Before you make a thank you card, take out the gift and the gift card.  Help your child focus on the fun things about the gift.

bulletExplain why you are writing the note.  "Grandma Evie must have taken lots of time to pick this out for you.  I think she really wanted to make you feel good (think of her, feel loved, warm and cozy, etc.).  You sure love this -- she did a great job!  Let's send her a note so she knows how you feel about it.  I know it will make her feel good."

More Tips: 

bulletHave supplies ready so that you and your child can work side by side, each making your own card.


bulletOffer help when your child needs help & enjoy your making your own artwork.


bulletWork together on a special GREAT BIG card!


bulletHelp your child express her thoughts by offering to write any words that she would like to have on the card.


bulletLet your child put the card into an envelope and decorate the back.


bulletSave your real stamps by making pretend envelopes and letting your child "stamp" them with craft stickers.

bulletMail the letters together. Let your child hand the letter to the letter carrier, place it in your mailbox & raise the flag, or open the door to the mailbox!



Even if you do the handwriting try to include your child's thoughts and a scribble or drawing:   "Dear Grandma Evie, Thank you for the ____!  I like it because . . .  I like to use it when . . ..    I tried it . . . and it was . . .."   


Vary the style of your cards to keep your child interested.  Try a leaf one day, then a heart, oval or diamond!  Let your child decorate with crayons one day, markers or ribbons the next.  Invite participation -- "What shape do you think Grandma would like?  What color paper would be fun for her?"  (Make it easy by cutting shapes that fit envelopes you already have in the house!)  



bulletMake classic cards special by folding any cheerful wrapping paper in half & drawing inside.  more card tips.


Pick up free "thank you" Activity Sheets from our Butterfly School materials -- just jump over to the coordinated letter, print it & jump from there to the related Activity Sheets!  Great for kids 18 months - 6!

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