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  Welcome spring:  celebrate windy days & garden plans!  

Start planning a flower garden!  Draw a picture, make a collage, write out a seeds list! 
 Remember:  flowers, herbs & vegetables.

Select any clear piece of paper & enjoy a creative & imaginative burst of spring!  Whether your sketches, lists & collages capture a dream or plan your course for spring, it is fun to imagine a new landscape!  

Three ideas from our garden notes:  

Plan a white garden to reflect moonlight on summer evenings:  moonflowers, snapdragons, nicotiana.

Plan a scent-filled garden:  lavender, gilly-flowers (stock), lemon-scented thyme.

Plan a container garden full of your favorite fruits and vegetables.  Imagine picking 3 fresh strawberries after work ... or finding one sweet cucumber on your own vine!  
Make a little garden notebook!

Windy days ahead . . . batten the hatches & share some poetry!

Enjoy a wind celebration . . .

make a kite book!

Christina Rossetti
Who has seen the wind?

Who has seen the wind?
  Neither I nor you:
But when the leaves hang trembling
  The wind is passing through.

Who has seen the wind?
  Neither you nor I:
But when the trees bow down their heads,
  The wind is passing by.


Our favorite place to collect seeds?  Our garden, our friends' gardens, our neighbors gardens . . .

. . . but, we also enjoy the range of seeds offered by specialty companies.  These are our family favorites for inspiration & the photos are great for collages!  We prefer the printed versions of each company's offerings but the web sites are a useful resource.

J.W. Jung Seed Company

Park Seed (800)845-3369
1 Parkton Ave. Greenwood SC  29647-0001

The Cook's Garden (800) 457-9703
Post Office Box 535
Londonderry, VT  05148
(Enjoy Mary Azarian's illustrations!)
Comments:  informative, lovely to look at, conscientious, feels-good-to-grow products

Harris Seeds (800) 514-4441
355 Paul Road
P.O. Box 24966  Rochester, NY  14624-0966

Henry Field's (800) 798-7842
415 North Burnett
Shenandoah, Iowa  51602-0001

Gurney's (800)824-6400
110 Capital Street
Yankton, South Dakota  57079


Burpee  (800) 888-1447
300 Park Avenue
Warminster, PA  18991-0001
Comments:  slick site, great photo resource with index to quickly turn up a photo of a flower to show your favorite child (or to teach yourself!)



excerpt from A Windy Day
by James Whitcomb Riley

The dawn was a dawn of splendor,
And the blue of the morning skies
Was as placid and deep and tender
As the blue of a baby's eyes;
The sunshine flooded the mountain,
And flashed over land and sea
Like the spray of a glittering fountain.-
But the wind-the wind-Ah me!

Sing-a-long windy list:

Let's Go Fly a Kite, Mary Poppins

Wind Beneath My Wings, Bette Midler

Blowin' in the wind, Bob Dylan

Running against the wind,  Bob Seger

The Autumn Wind, Pete Seeger

Colors of the Wind, Alan Menken & Stephen Schwartz 

Dust in the Wind, Kerry Livgren


Enjoy windy day stories, like Winnie-the-Pooh's Blustery Day!

more great books in reading

Creating celebrations, whether for a traditional holiday, a special family occasion or an invented reason, will help you share shining hours with your favorite children.  Getting ready to celebrate something can be as much fun for children as the actual celebratory event.     

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