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Celebrate Illumination Night as summer transitions to autumn!  Make the most of the lingering twilights & create your own special lanterns to treasure!

Make a puppet!

  Enjoy making a fabric puppet that is durable, kid-friendly and easy to decorate with recycled fabrics or clothing!

First puppet page!

make a kite book!

Try this today!  A very cool & easy project with delightful results!
add some Windy poetry!

spectacular snowflakeswpe13.jpg (14546 bytes)

don't forget glitter!

Fold carefully so you are sure to have six points per snowflake!

simple step by step directions for snowflakes

star pattern

Play our "Count Our Lucky Stars" game!  It feels good to list the wonderful things in life.
More bookmaking for everyone!

four-leaf clover book


heart book

Creativity resource library:    
butterfly projects

these are great with our Butterfly School activities!
  Heart pattern.

Share a heart with someone special!   Decorate a kitchen or put them in a cozy place, like near a child's bed so she can wake up thinking of great people! 

Creativity warm-ups:   Try "5&3"!  
Leaves & leaf projects: 
bulletGather leaves
bulletpressed gingko leaves
bullethide-and-seek acorns  
add-art pages fish, frogs, dragonflies!  Decorating ideas drawn from collage, mixed-media, assemblage & more.
bunny projects     coordinate with our Bright Pink Bunny stories 
Illumination Night lanterns!  wpe10.gif (2867 bytes)  Make them from paper or recycled tin  & don't miss the new add-art pages! Read the Bright Bunny's story:   Celebrate Illumination Night.
Add-Art Pages:  
Flag projects!
   Decorate the American flag.
Mask making: Basic Mask 

More masks in our  pattern pages 

Easter & Passover ideas!  

Visit our learning site: for ideas & activity sheets.


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